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The Secret Power of Datafeeds as Blog Content

Wednesday, February 27,2008

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here with some information that can help you get more traffic!

You know the saying, "great minds think alike", well, that's how I feel about Neil Shearing.

We both strongly believe that using "Semi Exclusive Content" such as Private Label Rights articles is the way to get great content *without* having to work incredibly hard on creating unique content.

But, hey, why am I preaching to you? As a smart person who subscribes to my article marketing newsletter, you know all about leveraging the power of Private Label Articles.

But Neil found another source of "Semi Exclusive Content... and it was "no cost"!

In addition to using PLR articles (which Neil highly recommends), he has found an innovative and simple way to use freely available product datafeeds to create hundreds or even thousands of blog posts very quickly... and he got some jaw-dropping results.

Datafeeds as you may know are basically detailed digital product catalogs that are available to affiliates as a data file to help us promote products. The problem with datafeeds however is that they are NOT easy to be used as web content – well – they weren’t until Neil found an innovative and simple way to automate using the content from the datafeeds!

Once site Neil created on January 30th generated $3,851 in affiliate sales in February! And the best part is, the promotion Neil did for that site took him just 51 minutes in total.

You must be thinking there's a catch, right?

Well there really isn't. Neil has documented everything he did at his website...

Link >>> 10 Day Cash Secret - Using Datafeeds for Blog Content

What’s really impressive is that Neil built the blog automatically using his plugin. He didn't do any list-building, any product creation, any Pay Per Click advertising or make use of his existing lists or websites.

It's a bit of an eye-opener, isn't it? It makes you re-think the infamous Google Sandbox and Duplicate Content Penalties when a brand new site on a brand new domain with almost zero promotion can generate thousands of dollars of sales in just a few weeks!

The best part is that you don't need a ton of expensive stuff to copy what Neil's done... just his smart Wordpress plugin and a bunch of things you can get at no-cost. :)

Check it out now, while Neil still has a big launch discount... I highly recommend it...

Link >>> 10 Day Cash Secret - Using Datafeeds for Blog Content

There are still a few copies avaialble at a discount! Now is the time to check it out!

Best wishes for online success!

Mike Liebner

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