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Squidoo Power and RSS - be careful!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I have some information about the power of Squidoo and some revealing info on the RSS feeds they display on their lens pages.

I just recently discovered that Squidoo lens pages don't always pass link juice as expected. In fact if you expected the RSS feeds edit module on Squidoo to show the links and pass on the PageRank juice - it doesn't! Bummer!

Another reason it never hurts to view the page source and see what the search engines are looking at! In this case the RSS feeds don't even show the words in the code! That means search engines do not see the words at all!

Find out more on RSS and Squidoo at my blog

Do you know what Squidoo Power is?

I just made that up, but hey - squidoo still has a lot of juice!
It has enough power to help us get some fast traffic and rankings!

Squidoo is a great site to use to test whether products and niches have viability. A good method is to create a Squidoo lens page for products from CPA offers and affiliate programs and write about them in a Squidoo lens. Sprinkle in some good long tail keywords and there is a good chance people will find your Squidoo lens page and if the "call to action" is any good they may click and make you some money! If you get a sale from squidoo that means there is opportunity and the product deserves to have some more web pages promoting it!!!

I've been using Squidoo to test products from the Hydra Network and am always amazed when I see the sales coming in! Squidoo is a great way to get some fast traffic as the site itself has good traffic and Squidoo gets some good rankings from the search engines without any promotion effort!

Best of all Squidoo is free to use!

Here is an example lens I created to test a dating offer from HydraNetwork.

The lens page gets a decent amount of traffic and the dating offer converts pretty good!

Not familiar with the power of Squidoo??? You may also want to read my previous posts on squidoo too!

Squidoo Lens

Web 2 and Squidoo

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